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Type of job
Hotel / Resort
South Lake Tahoe, California (CA)
4130 Lake Tahoe Blvd., South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Housing Rate
$400 - 500 Monthly Per Student
* The information is based on 2021-2022 content. The information is subject to be changed without prior notice. *
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Job Description
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English Level: Basic

Consistently demonstrates superior customer service skills by displaying outlined service behaviors. Maintains an upbeat and positive attitude, creates positive energy with gestures and sustains enthusiasm from one interaction to the next. Creates an atmosphere of luck and celebrates guest’s wins. Is ready to serve and is informed of daily information; builds relationships by greeting guests with a warm, friendly verbal greeting. Anticipates needs and provides fast, flawless service. Checks for satisfaction and effectively resolves service breakdowns when they exist. Promotes Total Rewards programs and card membership. Provides a warm farewell and thanks guests for visiting.

Job Responsibility : 

Responsible for cleaning and servicing an assigned number of rooms per day. Signs out floor key and reports to assigned section. Strictly adheres to key control policies. Loads cart following standard procedures and reports linen and supplies used. Cleans guest rooms following housekeeping procedures. Accountable to Housekeeping Office regarding guests’ room status. Deals with guests in a friendly manner, providing service and information when possible; contacts supervisor when unable to fully handle guests’ needs to ensure proper handling. Reports any discrepancies in room status to Supervisor. Reports repairs needed in work area to Supervisor. Signs in key and turns in reports to Supervisor at end of shift. Completes special assignments for the Supervisor Housekeeping as requested.

The information is based on 2021-2022 content. The information is subject to be changed without prior notice.

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English Level: Basic

The incumbent in this position is responsible for maintaining Safety Precautions, which includes public relations, assisting guests/customers and employees as needed. The essential duties of this position are to: “observe and report”, provide property information and ensure great customer service and experience to patrons of Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel. Must have effective communication skills. Must be able to write clear, accurate and concise reports. Safety and Security training required, which is provide by company. The skills required of this position can typically be acquired through two months of on the job training, or through related experience.


Job Responsibility :


– Maintain order on Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel property at all times. – Assist sick or injured patrons and employees. – Attend all safety/first aid training classes. – Report unsafe or hazardous conditions. – Assist patrons and employees on directions and proper procedures. – Check identification of all persons that appear to be under 21 years of age. – Compose accident/incident reports and witness statements when necessary. – Perform procedures for departments as needed.

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English Level: Basic

Wash dishes and keep the areas clean.

Job Responsibility : 

– Responsible for the proper cleaning and sanitizing of all steel tableware, cooking utensils, pots and pans – Operate dishwash and glasswash machines properly – Properly set up pot sink with sanitizing/cleaning agents – Identify all dishes, glasses and flatware – Properly transport and store dishes, glasses and flatware – Assist in kitchen sanitation including trash removal, keep work area floors clean, dry and safe – Assist in kitchen operation as requested

The information is based on 2021-2022 content. The information is subject to be changed without prior notice.

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English Level: Intermediate
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General Summary of Job Duties
To serve casino guests and employees in a timely manner with the F.A.S.T. principles as the primary goal. Friendly, accountable service accomplished with team effort.

Essential Job Responsibilities and Duties
– Maintain a high quality of guest service according to Jacobs Entertainment, Inc. Mission Statement and F.A.S.T.Track Values Statement.
– Must display exemplary teamwork. Be courteous, considerate, helpful and patient to guests and co-workers.
– Work all deli work stations as well as assisting co-workers in other deli work areas.
– Must be able to learn how to clean/sanitize and properly operate all deli equipment as required. Including but not limited to: knifes, roasters, fryers, broilers, griddles, microwaves, steamtables, meat slicers etc.
– Be able to constantly learn the proper preparation of all deli menu items and using required deli specifications of ingredient use, ingredient measures and proper plating.
– Operate touch screen cash register and computer devices.
– Have knowledge in money handling and the ability to correctly complete all necessary departmental, company and Nevada Division of Gaming paperwork.
– Knowledge of State of Nevada Health Department requirements and the ability to comply with all company health
and safety procedures for proper food handling.
– Acquire thorough knowledge of applicable company and departmental policies/procedures as well as the
willingness to learn and follow any policy or procedure that may be introduced in the future.
– Adhere to all appearance and uniform standards.
– Maintain an open line of communication with Management.
– Maintain a positive and professional demeanor during all interactions with guest, co-workers and vendors.
– Ability to accept performance feedback in a professional manner.

General Job Responsibilities and Duties
To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following F.A.S.T. Track Principles:

– Offer a warm greeting to everyone you encounter with a smile and eye contact.
– Practice mutual respect by dealing honestly in all interactions.
– Use genuine listening skills and offer sincere responses.
– Promote positive interactions with both external and internal guests through sincere greeting and communications.
– Be approachable, listen and lead by example.

– Be proactive and positive.
– If I don’t know, I’ll find out and if we don’t have it, I’ll try to get it.
– Manage staff effectively with timely reviews and address performance issues.
– Support and practice the F.A.S.T. Track Principles from the executive level to the front-line staff level.
– Acquire knowledge, training and education. Communicate it to all employees.

– Anticipate our guests’ needs before they ask.
– Contribute ideas and solutions to improve customer service.
– Escort our guests rather than point.
– Take personal pride in the quality of your work.
– Actively seek feedback from our guests concerning our service and atmosphere.
– Regular attendance, arriving on time to all scheduled shifts and mandatory meetings.
– Other duties as assigned.

– Share and explain information.
– Involve managers and employees in business development decisions and cost savings initiatives.
– Great teams consist of great performers.
– Create a culture of two-way communication with employees and guests.
– Be courteous, kind and patient with each other.

Machinery, Work Equipment, Programs, Software, Hardware Used
– Steamers, Fryers
– Pizza Oven
– Microwave
– Blender, Coffee Machine, Installing sodas bibs
– Trays, toaster, touch screen computer terminal, calculator

The information is based on 2021-2022 content. The information is subject to be changed without prior notice.

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English Level: Intermediate
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Removes all service ware from restaurant tables, sanitizes tables and cleans area under tables to prepare for the next guest; stocks all service stations, brews coffee, restocks beverages and engages with guests to ensure total guest satisfaction.

Job Responsibility : 

– Quickly clear dirty table settings and prepare table for use by next guest. Promptly and consistently reset all service ware as prescribed. – Maintain stock and cleanliness of stations for all meal periods with necessary equipment including silverware, linen and condiments. Wipe down booths/tables and chairs, move tables and chairs and clean floors as necessary. – Greet guests in a friendly manner and assists with questions. Offer to pour coffee during down timesce to ensure guest satisfaction. – Transport all dirty tableware from dining room to dishwashing area for proper cleaning.

The information is based on 2021-2022 content. The information is subject to be changed without prior notice.

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English Level: Intermediate
+ tips

The incumbent in this position is responsible for delivering food and beverages in accordance with company standards. Knowledge of table service procedures and table etiquette. These skills and abilities are typically acquired through two (2) years service experience.

Job Responsibility : 

– Recognize guests immediately with a friendly greeting. – Ensure guest satisfaction through responsiveness to guest needs. – Maintain a well groomed neat and clean appearance, carrying out duties with attention to sanitation safety. – Perform side work duties on daily basis and other duties as assigned.

The information is based on 2021-2022 content. The information is subject to be changed without prior notice.

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